Epoxy Floorings

Epoxy Floors

Looking for epoxy flooring services? Then you are definitely in the right place. We offer the best epoxy flooring for your home, shop or for industrial settings. Covering your floor with an epoxy is the best and the most robust way to keep your floor last long. The coating also gives your flooring a great and attractive look.

What Exactly is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floors are created by mixing resin, a protective chemical, with a curator which is a hardener. The resulting material is a rigid floor that can withstand both mechanical and chemical damages. That is, epoxy floors have the capability of being resistant to chemical spillage and wear.

Just as a by-the-way: epoxy coating is a thickness that’s less than 2mm, while epoxy flooring is a floor whose thickness is more than 2mm.

Depending on what you need, you can choose to either have your floor coated or floored with epoxy resin. Either way, the epoxy combines both beauty and convenience. You are able to enjoy both protection (non slippery floor) and a glossy feel. The resin is mainly preferred over specialist types of flooring like marble or terrazzo.

Epoxy Flooring Has Gained Popularity

Epoxy has been in use for quite a period now, but it has gained popularity in the recent years. It was mainly applied in industries and offices, but home designers have been promoting its use in several home settings. This is because of its numerous advantages.

Some of the benefits that have made epoxy become a trendy type of flooring include colored floors and polished yet strong concrete. The epoxy comes with several color choices, where you get to choose your favorite floor coloring. The choice is mainly influenced by house design, and the look you generally love!

Whichever color you pick, the floor will still look good, with a glossy feel to augment the general feel when you step into your house. Most families prefer this type of flooring in rooms experiencing lots of traffic such as the living room. Despite of the traffic, epoxy floor can actually last longer than you expect.

Dust Resistant Material

Families with history of allergies and asthma have no alternative but to opt for epoxy-covered floors. This is because of its dust resistant qualities. The floor doesn’t attract allergens that may infect or affect allergic family members.

Having this kind of protective floor is very important to a family for there are reduced chances of family members becoming sick. This eventually reduces treatment costs. So, if you would like to have an ill-free environment, nothing beats the epoxy flooring.

Different Designs and Types

Apart from the skills and dexterity we’ve seized in our many years of experience, we provide you with the opportunity of choosing different epoxy designs and types. This, of course, depends on your liking and what you’d prefer – or what customers have a preference for, in terms of business scenarios.

Most of the basic varieties of epoxy are applicable in the industrial settings. Some of these include:

· Self dispensing epoxy

· Graveled epoxy floors

· Anti-slip epoxy floors

· Mortar epoxy floors

· Anti-static epoxy etc.

These are just a few of the types; there are several other categories being sold in the market. In fact, new creations are constantly emerging. This depends on creativity designers come up with. For example, there is the emergence of epoxy flaked floors.

Easy To Clean

Epoxy floors are easy to clean, thus a hygienic preferred floor covering. With an epoxy floor, you are guaranteed of an ever clean floor. Because of resin, the epoxy floor covering material does not attract dust, neither does it tolerate dirt. This makes your house suitable for small kids to play on. Kids can play without the fear of making themselves dirty. This ensures 100 percent hygiene!

With assured hygiene and reduced allergies, it is no surprise why most people are opting for epoxy as a covering for their homes. Its great characteristics are incomparable with most other types of floor covering.

Requires Little Maintenance

One other advantage that comes with epoxy is the little maintenance. Since it attracts no dust, the frequency of cleaning your house is reduced. Better still; maintenance that occurs due to physical damages is very little. It may take you ages (literally) before it requires any kind of repairs.

But when the epoxy floor finally requires some maintenance, you will definitely need the skills of an expertise. In some cases, you are able to do it yourself, but it is recommendable to hire epoxy flooring services from qualified experts. And there is no better proficiency than the services that we offer.

Reliability and Consistency

We offer the best flooring services in the market. Our workmanship is unrivaled for we possess great skills and dexterity to offer our customers. We are very reliable, steadfast and trustworthy. Whether you want epoxy flooring or an epoxy covering, we ascertain you with the best services.

We understand that epoxy floors are relatively expensive to maintain, hence your invested money won’t go into waste. Luckily, our prices are favorable to most of our customers. All you need is to contact us, and leave everything in our able hands. We will take care of your flooring issues.

Epoxy Flakes Flooring

This type of epoxy floor has colored chips (inlaid flakes), which brings out a very decorative floor with an aesthetic feel to the room. Floors designed and covered with flaked epoxy are available in different colors. Most of their applications depend on area covered and your budget.

Epoxy floors are very durable. At the same time, they present floors with pretty and eye-catching looks. You can choose to repair your floor with epoxy, or simply replace a certain region within your house with this low-maintenance material.

Professionalism is Better…

Generally, there is a point to remember. Although there exist several self help guides to help you with epoxy flooring, it is advisable to always seek professional assistance. The best results are achieved when you hire the best flooring services.

Professional expertise will ensure you get the finest epoxy checkups and preservation’s. Therefore, when seeking professional assistance regarding epoxy floors, we are privileged to offer great services, at the most affordable price range.