Industrial Coatings

Tank & Beam Coatings


Extreme Epoxy Coatings has a wide variety of industrial tank coating services that are currently available. All epoxy coatings are done by our professionally trained staff that are licensed and trained experts in the field. Epoxy coatings on industrial tanks are often important because they help stop chemicals leaks that often occur from corroded tanks.

Epoxy Tank Coatings prolong the life of your tanks and aren’t just used for safety reasons. Longer lasting tanks mean more money your business is able to save on replacements. Replacement tanks are often extremely expensive and it’s a lot easier to coat the tank whenever it starts to wear.

Trench Drains


Problem: Trenches become a tripping hazard and the walls often become rusted over time. When the metal rusts it can trap bacteria and other contaminates, which causes unsafe working conditions and foul odors throughout the work place.

Solution: We recommend removing all of the old rusted drains and contaminated soil. Replacing your current drains with the Hubbell 600 series drains allows you to receive higher quality piping with cast iron gates which are ideal for industrial settings.

We offer a variety of drain designs ranging from stainless steel that are 6” to 14” inches, all the way to pour in place molded solid concrete drains that have custom designed frames and gates to ensure that all of your requirements are met. Let us design you the perfect floor and drainage system today!

Wall Systems


Extreme Epoxy Coatings are well known throughout this industry for our seamless wall installations. Our resinous and fiberglass reinforced wall systems offer you an amazing solution for your environments that require a sanitary impact resistant wall system.

All of our wall systems are seamless installations and can be customized to provide all of the protection you need for any project, big or small. We offer the following options of customization:

• Decorative Mosaic Quartz or Flake Finish
• Antimicrobial Agent Additive
• Reinforced Fiberglass Cloth
• Flexible Impact Resistant Membrane Wall System
• UV Stable Urethane Seal Coats
• Chemical and Stain Resistant Seal Coats
• Rounded Seamless Vertical & Horizontal Corner Details – No 90 Degree Corners
• Seamless Floor/Wall Transition to Create a Seamless Environment.