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Your Epoxy Coating Solution is in the Details

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Quality resinous flooring can transform your operation overnight. Extreme starts with utilizing the best materials, techniques, Installers, and support system around.

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Experts in food processing, pharmaceutical, & Winery Coatings. We have completed thousands of successful projects on time, under budget, with safety and customer satisfaction being our highest priority.

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We understand your business & goals. Extreme utilizes years of industry expertise to provide you the highest quality solution for your application- from food and beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and aerospace.

For the last 15 years, Extreme Industrial Coatings, has been a leader in Methacrylate’s (MMA) and Licensed in California and Nevada #957164

Here at Extreme Industrial Coatings we only work on USDA inspected Food Processing Facilities, so we know the demands and expectations that you require. Every member of our team is certified in every piece of machinery they operate and required by company protcall to wear a hardhat, vest, ear protection, and steel toe boots at all times. We specialize in completeing projects under time sensitive deadlines, we have a crew of over 40 men working in two crews able to work 24 hours a day.

We always have someone by the phone day and night, and can have a crew to your facility in one to two hours.

Please feel free to contact us today for any questions or projects you might have.

Your Epoxy Coating Solution is in the Details

Information is key. We ask and gather all of the important information that will allwo us to understand your operations and industry – industrial, manufacturing, food processing.

Recommendations will be based on environmental and budgetary needs—epoxy, urethane, polymer, polyurethane concrete, vinyl ester, novolac and sealers.

We know that appearance of your industrial coating matters. The end goal is to be functional and durable.

Information on services, cost data, and estimates are available from the home office. Cost estimates will be given on the basis of information available. Fixed quotations are prepared after visual inspection of the floor is made by one of our field representatives.TECHNICAL SERVICES:
We maintain installation crews who are thoroughly experienced in the use of our products, and we shall be pleased to submit proposals covering the cost of any repair or completed overlay that may be required. All of our installations are fully guaranteed and we carry full insurance coverage for your protection.

All products are installed nationwide by trained in-house IFC personnel. Floor installations involving several thousand square feet can be completed, cured, and returned to use on a weekend, thereby eliminating costly “down-time” and production interruption.CODES & CERTIFICATION:
Our products and their installation have been accepted by USDA, FDA, OSHA, and other federal, local, and private regulatory agencies.